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Sailing Committee Rules

Extract from the Sailing Committee Handbook

Section 2 - Sailing Committee Rules and Procedures

1. No race shall be sailed unless approved by the Sailing Committee.
2. The Sailing program may only be changed by a meeting of the Sailing Committee at which at least three elected members are in attendance.
3. The Race Officer for the event shall be a member of the Sailing Committee or a person co-opted by the Sailing Committee at a meeting.
4. The Race Officer shall start all races and control the management of the race from the Committee Boat, unless special circumstances suggest otherwise.
5. Each sailing class has a limit at which they are able to start to or continue racing. Yachting Victoria has a table outlining these limits under safety http://www.sportingpulse.com/get_file.cgi?id=2766508 (as at 11/02/2014). Class Associations recommended the table which gives a maximum average wind speed to be used as a guide to Race Committees. However, the Race Committee should also consider sea state, tide, the number of patrol boats available and experience before making the decision whether to start or continue a race.
6. Division 8 shall not be started if the wind is in excess of 15 knots. If at any time during the race, the wind speed exceeds the given limits, the Race Officer shall give serious consideration to shortening a race or abandoning on-water activities
7. A Protest Committee shall consist of between three and five members.
8. If in the event of a race not being sailed on the programmed date it may be re-scheduled in accordance with the Sailing Instructions.
9. A race should not be abandoned prior to 30 minutes before the scheduled start time unless a Gale Warning or a Storm Force Wind Warning has been issued by the Bureau of Meteorology.
10. Rescue boats shall not be taken out by quotecorner online pharmacy any person who is not a skipper authorized by the Sailing Committee. Boats shall be crewed by not less than two and normally not more than four persons above the age of 14.
11. The Race Officer (and any other Sailing Committee and Club members appointed by him/her on the day as Rescue Boat Crew) shall be awarded average points in accordance with the Sailing Instructions.
12. The Sailing Committee may approve average points for participation in YV, State, National or International events. The approval will only be given for Aggregate and Skipper of Skipper events.
13. Separate Class Starts - A Minimum of 10 Boats over four races is required before the Sailing Committee may approve a separate start for a class. The approval is subject to consideration of the overall racing at McCrae.
14. The Course board is to be displayed at least 60 Minutes before the starting signal for a race.
15. It shall be the Race Officer's responsibility for the safe conduct of any on-water activity that takes place on the day on which they are rostered. The Race Officer is the Race Committee for that event. They shall manage all races and activities and arrange any Protest Committee that may be required during that event.
16. On sailing school days the Race Officer shall liaise with the Sailing School Principal and assist with their program for that day.


Current: March 2016

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