690 Point Nepean Road, McCrae
Phone: 03 5986 1361

Water and Courses

McCrae’s prevailing weather pattern is dominated by south to sou-westerly winds of varying strengths. During the summer months, this remains the case however warmer conditions bring variations from all points of the compass.

The water on which McCYC traditionally runs events is bounded by the 5 knot line found 200 metres offshore out to the south side of the shipping lane.

A “No-boating” exclusion zone currently exists between the high water mark and the 5 knot line to the east of the club. Regardless of the course orientation, this exclusion zone does not ordinarily affect the fleet due to the sailing area otherwise available.

The potential area available means that courses of any angle up to 1NM can be accommodated anywhere in close proximity to the club without encroaching on the shipping channel or other prohibited area.



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