SailPass Day Membership

To sail at McCrae Yacht Club every person must either be a member, temporary member or a visiting member from another club. The temporary membership we use at McCrae is the Australian Sailing “SailPass”.

5 SailPasses are available for each person. If you know what dates you are coming you may fill them all in on the form. If you don’t know all the dates you want then another form will need to be filled in at a later date.

SailPass holders will be current/active in the Australian Sailing revSPORT system for the day/s that they have registered for and be covered by the Personal Accident Insurance Policy.

If you are new to sailing and would like to try the sport (or go out one one of our race management boats), you can register with SailPass online and enjoy a day at the McCrae Yacht Club on a Try Sailing day or by prior arrangement.

Any questions please contact us

To apply for a SailPass membership.

START HERE:     If you are new to sailing and never registered for a SailPass, select here I don’t have an Australian Sailing Number  and fill in the form. 


If you have previously registered for a SailPass, have held a Australian Sailing Number form before, from being a member of any club or returning to sailing. Select here I have an Australian Sailing number.

If you are unsure if you have an Australian Sailing number you can check your registration details here.   You need an AS number to fill in your SailPass form.