When traditional southerly winds are in, Race Officers invariably set courses to the west of the club (towards Rosebud pier). This guarantees consistent wind direction and angle by moving away from the nearby hill (Arthurs Seat) and means that seas are always less than a ½ metre in height.

From December to March, McCrae routinely experiences the arrival of sea-breezes between 15 to 22 knots over flat water with no swell; perfect for off the beach boats.

These winds arrive on average between 1430 hours and 1700 hours.

The only time wave height exceeds a metre is when warmer northerly winds blow from Australia’s interior; the open fetch of water between McCrae and Melbourne being responsible.

Depending on prevailing conditions regarding tide cycles, currents of 1.5 to 2 knots tidal effect can be expected.

Average temperature during January is 26 Deg C with a water temperature of 20 Deg C.


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